1. Improve VINS-Fusion supporting

  2. Improve VINS-MONO supporting

  3. Fix left/right rect image order error


  1. Improve VINS-Fusion supporting

  2. Improve ORB-SLAM2 supporting


  1. Fix imu align bug of ros wrapper

  2. Fix 14.04 complie error of ros wrapper

  3. Support set iic address for s2100


  1. Improve camera info.

  2. Modify image algorithm parameters by yaml file.

  3. Add opening multi devices launch file in ROS.

  4. Add setting IIC address API of S210A.

  5. Add image/imu flag of external time source.

  6. Add LaserScan sample for S1030.

  7. Modify default orientation of point in ROS.


  1. Add API to get auxiliary chip&ISP’s version(Depend on S2100/S210A 1.1 firmware & 1.0 subsidiary chip firmware).

  2. Fix point fragment issue in image algorithm.

  3. Add 376*240 resolution support to S1030(Depend on 2.4.0 firmware of S1030).

  4. Add API to handle imu temperature drift.(Depend on imu calibration)

  5. Add version check feature.

  6. Fix depth image crash issue when use CUDA plugin.

  7. Documents update.