How to use SDK with Visual Studio 2017

This tutorial will create a project with Visual Studio 2017 to start using SDK.

You could find the project demo in <sdk>/samples/simple_demo/project_vs2017 directory.


  • Windows: install the win pack of SDK

Create Project

Open Visual Studio 2017, then File > New > Project ,


Select “Windows Console Application”, set the project’s name and location, click “OK”,


Finally, you will see the new project like this,


Config Properties

Right click the project, and open its Properties window,


Change Configuration to All Configurations , then add the following paths to Additional Include Directories ,


Add the following definitions to Preprocessor Definitions ,


Add the following paths to Additional Dependencies


If want to use debug mode, could change Configuration to Debug and add following debug libs:


Start using SDK

Include the headers of SDK and start using its APIs,


Select Release x64 or Debug x64 to run the project.