How to use in VIORB

If you wanna run VIORB with MYNT® EYE,please follow the steps:

  1. Download MYNT-EYE-S-SDK and install mynt_eye_ros_wrapper.

  2. Follow the normal procedure to install VIORB.

  3. Update camera parameters to <VIO>/config/mynteye_s.yaml.

  4. Run mynt_eye_ros_wrapper and VIORB.

Install MYNT-EYE-VIORB-Sample.

git clone -b mynteye

ROS_PACKAGE_PATH environment variable. Open .bashrc file and add at the end the following line. Replace PATH by the folder where you cloned MYNT-EYE-VIORB-Sample:




Get image calibration parameters

Assume that the left eye of the mynteye camera is used with IMU. Through the GetIntrinsics() and GetExtrinsics() function of the MYNT-EYE-S-SDK API, you can get the image calibration parameters of the currently open device:


After running the above type, pinhole’s distortion_parameters and projection_parameters is obtained, and then update to <MYNT-EYE-VIORB-Sample>/config/mynteye.yaml.


You can get the camera model of device when get camera calibration parameters, if model is equidistant you need calibrate pinhole model by yourself or reference Write image parameters to write a default pinhole config file to your device.

Run VIORB and mynt_eye_ros_wrapper

  1. Launch mynteye node

roslaunch mynt_eye_ros_wrapper mynteye.launch
  1. Open another terminal and run viorb

roslaunch ORB_VIO testmynteye_s.launch

Finally, pyplotscripts can be used to visualize some results.