Save Device Infomation And Parameters

The SDK provides a tool save_all_infos for save information and parameters.

Reference commands:


# Windows

Reference result on Linux:

$ ./samples/_output/bin/save_all_infos
I0512 21:40:08.687088  4092] Detecting MYNT EYE devices
I0512 21:40:09.366693  4092] MYNT EYE devices:
I0512 21:40:09.366734  4092]   index: 0, name: MYNT-EYE-S1000
I0512 21:40:09.366757  4092] Only one MYNT EYE device, select index: 0
I0512 21:40:09.367609  4092] Save all infos to "config/SN0610243700090720"

Result save into <workdir>/config by default. You can also add parameters to select other directory for save.

Saved contents: