Write Image Parameters

The SDK provides a tool write_img_params for writing image parameters.

For getting image parameters, please read get_img_params. This is used to calculate the deviation.

Reference commands:

./samples/_output/bin/write_img_params samples/config/img.params

# Windows
.\samples\_output\bin\write_img_params.bat samples\config\img.params


Please don’t override parameters, you can use save_all_infos to backup parameters.

And, samples/config/S1030/img.params.pinhole is the path of S1030 pihole parameters file. If you calibrated parameters yourself, you can edit it and run previous commands to write them into the devices.


The image calibration parameters of S21XX are in samples/config/S21XX The image calibration parameters of S1030 are in samples/config/S1030


You can also write into devices with SN*.conf provided by old SDK.